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A Wellness Consultation is a 1.5-2-hour appointment that addresses a specific health concern or overall intention. Through an in-depth discussion, we will explore your past, present and future to decide which herbs and lifestyle shifts will best support your physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic wellness, as well as identify the areas in your life you’d like herbal support around.


As a trained energetic herbalist and ceremonialist, I hold a strong, sacred, and confidential container as, together, we work to set your health intentions, uncover patterns of dis-ease, and divine daily rituals for resilience, nourishment, and vitality. My intention is to hold your health history, look beyond your symptoms into your whole self, connect you with your plant allies, and gift you the space and clarity to take your wellness into your own hands.


I do not diagnose or treat disease, but rather, I offer nourishment suggestions to support and recalibrate your body systems. Each consultation includes a detailed written protocol tailored specifically for your constitution and health goals. This plan may include herbal formularies in the form of tinctures, infusion or decoction blends, botanical oils, flower essences, kitchen medicine + nutritional support, and lifestyle shifts + rituals.


Please know, I recommend we work together across a period of 3-6 months, as this will allow true change and new patterns to develop.


Caring for our entire body is a practice that necessitates leaning into the slow, consistent, and deeply transformative work of committing to yourself. I will help you find new daily rituals that are specific to your unique needs. The Herbs will hold space for you as well, as, over time, they work to bring your unique body systems into balance, ushering you into a more profound and reciprocal relationship with yourself and the landscapes that sustain you. I promise to show up fully for you, each and every session. I invite you to make this same promise to yourself.

Wellness + Intuitive Consultations
  one-on-one sessions for herbal support and plant spirit medicine



This first appointment, for new clients only, will be the foundation of our work together. Over approximately 1.5 hours, we will set your health intentions + goals to guide our process.


After our intake session, I will create a personalized holistic wellness plan especially for you. We will then meet for our first follow-up session where you will receive your wellness plan and, together, we will review all aspects to ground you on your healing path. 

Intake (1.5-2 hrs):

$125-$250, sliding scale.

In-person or Zoom.

F O L L O W - U P

Follow-up appointments, for current clients only, are an hour long and are typically scheduled every 2-4 weeks. During these appointments, we will review your health goals, discuss new developments, and deepen the work. 

Follow-up (1hr):

$100-$195, sliding scale.

In-person or Zoom.

with/in herbals

Wellness + Intuitive Consultations are right for you if:

  • You are drawn to holistic models of wellness.

  • You recognize that true resilience relies on balancing + uniting your physical, energetic, and emotional bodies.

  • You feel emotionally and energetically depleted and long to feel revitalized.  

  • You are having digestive discomfort, sleep issues, irregular or painful menstruation, recurring or undiagnosable symptoms.

  • You suffer from anxiety, depression, or chronic stress and want natural, gentle support and recalibration.

  • You are tired of your symptoms being superficially treated or dismissed. 

  • You crave a connection with plants and their medicine.

  • You would like a deeper connection with your own body and its cycles.

  • You are ready to have space held for you as you learn to look beyond your symptoms to find and attend to the root cause of ongoing health imbalances. 

  • You are committed to the long, deep, and total work of healing. 

with/in herbals - Iris Essence- Photo: Danielle Vogel

Flower Essence Consultation

Flower Essence Consultations begin with a conversation, during which we set the healing intentions you'd like your essence formula to address.

Holding this information close and intuiting your unique resonance will allow me to divine which essences are right for you at that time.

Each consultation includes essence recommendations and written, personalized rituals for intentional interaction with flower essences.

Follow-up consultations allow us to review and deepen the work.


Price includes one .5 oz. formula and shipping.

.   .   .

What is a flower essence?

Flower essences are the frequency of a plant-being at its most alive moment: in bloom.


When flower essences are made, a plant's unique resonance is alchemically imprinted in water and traditionally preserved in brandy. When we come into contact with this resonance—for example, by ingesting with intention—the essence works to reattune the water within our own bodies, catalyzing profound energetic + emotional transformation.


This occurs through a syncing of resonance — our bodies shift frequencies to meet the frequency of the flowers. And, over time, this process of entrainment is how healing occurs, allowing us to slowly repattern emotional, cognitive, and spiritual misalignments. 

This medicine is gentle, subtle, and profound. You must pay attention and take care. 

.   .   .

Flower Essence Consultation (30-45 min): $125.

Follow-up Consultations (30 min): $75

In-person or Zoom.

Flower Essence formula refills can be purchased through the apothecary.

Body Reading by Pendulum

All bodies have a unique energetic radiance. There are subtle energy fields, flowing like the earth's ley lines, throughout your entire form. When these channels of energy are blocked, congested, or disrupted, patterns of dis-ease emerge emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


With the help of a pendulum, I will read your resonance from feet to crown. Your body’s resonance stores vital information: the health of your internal organs, levels of immunity, and areas of emotional or spiritual congestion and hyperactivity.


After a body reading, we will talk through the information I received, as well as your reflection of the experience, and, together, we will decide what will best help you reroute those areas of congestion or hyperactivity so that you might bring your body into a more balanced state of resilience.


Guidance often includes: Plant medicines, flower essences, lifestyle shifts, meditations, hands-on healing work, and/or rituals for transformation and care.

Body Reading Consultation (1.5-2 hrs): $175-$250, sliding scale.


with/in herbals - Pendulum Body Reading - Photo: Danielle Vogel

My Rates

As I actively dream toward a future where the wounds of colonialism and capitalism have healed, I strive to make my work accessible to all while honoring my energy.


Toward that end, there is a sliding scale for all consultations. I ask that you decide where you fall on that spectrum, with honesty.

I also offer 1 low-cost session a month for $80.


And 1 pay-what-you-can session a month.

Please email me. I'm happy to work with you.


"To love a place

is not enough.

We must find a way

to heal it."

"To be native to a place

we must learn to speak

its language."

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Braiding Sweetgrass

Further Intentions:

As an herbalist + intuitive counselor, my intention is to guide you to engage in practices that assist you in maintaining vibrant health.


Only a physician can diagnose and prescribe medication. Herbalists do not perform this role. Any information shared here or in consultation is for educational purposes only. No statement, service, or product has been evaluated by the FDA.


Herbalism is thankfully an unregulated profession here in the states, which I believe is one of its many strengths! It is a collaborative and living art, a spiritual science as old as humans, upheld by reciprocity, accountability, and care. Herbalists and their communities/clients are constantly co-creating what it means to work within this ancient healing modality.

At the time of writing this, I have spent a decade formally studying herbalism and preparing the offerings of with/in


And while I have extensive training (you can read about it in my bio on the About page), I will also always be an apprentice of the plants. I will always be actively learning from and studying with other practicing herbalists. In herbalism, lineage is everything, and I'm committed to transparency in regards to my training, herbal formulations, and consultation practices. 


Personal information gathered in the herbalist/client relationship will be held in strict confidence unless specifically allowed by the client.

Environmental Commitment: 

I deeply believe that individual health is inseparable from environmental health and I offer counsel that is guided by and upholds this Earth-centered awareness.

Toward that end, all herbal formulations in the apothecary are crafted by hand in small, seasonal batches and with reverence. All herbs and menstrums are ethically harvested and organically and sustainably grown.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is herbal medicine safe? What if I'm taking pharmaceutical medications?

Herbal medicine is very safe, especially when working with a trained herbalist.


Most herbs may be safely taken in conjunction with pharmaceuticals as long as they are formulated appropriately based on potential herb-drug interactions.


Many herbs do not negatively interact with pharmaceuticals at all. 

How do I know if herbal medicine and seeing an herbalist is right for me? 

Herbal medicine can help you maintain vibrant health or bring you back into balance. 

As an herbalist, I recognize the vital intelligence of your entire body. The herbs, lifestyle shifts, nutritional support, and rituals of care I offer will guide you toward resilience of body, mind, and spirit while empowering you to be your own healer. 

If you are in good health or longing to feel more balanced and empowered, seeing an herbalist is right for you. 

Who do you work with? And do you have a speciality?

I specialize in working with those with deeply rooted emotional and spiritual concerns, those living at the margins (queers, witches, artists, healers, etc.), and those looking to weave rituals of reconnection into their daily lives. 


I have experience with Lyme Disease, digestive discomfort, painful + irregular menstruation, menopause, seasonal allergies, migraines, deep exhaustion, disassociation, anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, insomnia, grief, inflammation, low immunity, colds, infections, respiratory conditions, the emotional and physical heart, and much more. 


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