Reishi Tincture

Immune System Tonic —


Often referred to as the Heart of the Forest, Reishi is a revered and ancient medicinal mushroom. 


Reishi tincture works, over time, to support our adrenals—balancing stress and fatigue—while strengthening the immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, adrenal, and reproductive systems as it rekindles the spirit, calms the mind, and supports deep core vitality.


Wild and sustainably harvested in the densely forested hills of South Eastern Connecticut, this Reishi was tinctured immediately after harvesting, left to infuse for three months, when it was then carefully mixed with a water decoction of fresh Reishi, resulting in a potent double-extraction immune system tonic.


. . .


I began taking Reishi years ago after being diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease, which situated itself primarily in my brain. As a result, I found that Reishi also has profound effects on the limbic brain (center of our emotions) as it worked to repair the effects of Lyme’s on my thinking, unclouding my thoughts and emotions while working to relax my nervous system and gifting me with a state of lucid, but energized focus. 


I feel the deep-forest energy of this particular batch of Reishi tincture in my brain, lungs and heart. I run. And when I run, I’ve begun feeling a lemniscate of open-energy moving brain through lungs thought heart.


Being with Reishi across these years has not only revitalized some deep exhaustion in me, it’s returned sensation to parts of my physical, emotional, and spiritual body that were deeply, deeply depleted.


Reishi, as a tonic herb, should be taken daily for 3 or more months to revitalize the body.