1. a person's designs.
2. the healing process of a wound. 

Meet Danielle Vogel

Poet : Energetic Herbalist : Ceremonialist

My whole life, I have been an apprentice of the elements. I have spent every day listening and translating what I hear. Until now, that work has manifested, publicly, through the books I write, the ceremonies I curate (of which this is one), and the courses I offer.

Woven into my life as a poet, professor, and ceremonialist is the quiet and collaborative work I make with plants. with/in allows me to share some of these collaborations.

. . .

As an energetic herbalist, I believe in the innate wisdom of the human body. I believe true wellness begins within — as we relearn to listen to our own inner compass. As we reimagine ourselves whole — the physical, energetic, and emotional bodies woven and awake, in conversation with and inseparable from this whole breathing planet.

I believe that the symptoms which arise from illness are messages from our bodies. These messages are a call to attend to a deeper imbalance, beyond the physical discomfort, residing within the energetic and emotional bodies, as well.


We flourish when our physicalities, emotions, and spirits are equally cared for. I can help you reorient your attention and prioritize the deeper needs of your entire body. I can help you bring your consciousness down from your brain, up from your gut, and into your heart's center, so you, too, can experience the fullness of your heart's path and intelligence. 


I draw on my training as a priestess, energetic herbalist, and the sentient wisdom and medicine of plants to help you achieve this level of wellness. I act as a conduit. A seer. An alchemist of energy, matter, and time. And I ground this work in the extensive protocols and botanical formulas I divine for my clients. 

Holding a sacred and strong container, I offer holistic consultations and potent plant medicines to help guide you back into resilience. I treat your whole person—past and present—remaining attentive to patterns of spiritual, emotional, and physical health, as well as the overlapping social and structural inequalities at work in the larger world.


My consultations privilege resilience, balance, and honing the intuitive core. I intend to help you trust your body’s intelligence and, over time, take your health into your own hands. 

I prioritize bioregionally abundant herbs, as well as herbs specific to the ancestral heritage and lands of my clients. I believe plants are some of our oldest ancestors and reuniting plants with their people is a large part of the healing process and my calling to do this work at this time. 


I specialize in working with those with deeply rooted emotional and spiritual concerns, those living at the margins (queers, witches, artists, healers, etc.), and those looking to weave rituals of reconnection into their daily lives. 


I have experience with Lyme Disease, digestive discomfort, painful + irregular menstruation, menopause, seasonal allergies, migraines, deep exhaustion, disassociation, anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, insomnia, grief, inflammation, low immunity, colds, infections, respiratory conditions, the emotional and physical heart, and much more. 

And while all of this might sound really woo or intellectual, I'm also fierce, present, and down to earth in a New York Italian kind of way. Some other things you may like to know about me: I'm a lesbian in a decade-long relationship. I've been a practicing witch and energy worker since the age of nine. I am of Southern Italian and Irish descent and I draw on the healing folk traditions of both ancestral lines. 

. . .

Education —

I have extensive training as an energetic herbalist, priestess, flower essence practitioner, poet, and professor.


I hold certificates from Lupo Passero of Twin Star School of Herbal & Energetic Studies, Brittany Nickerson of Thyme Herbal School, and I have been trained in Astrological Herbalism (reading patterns of wellness and dis-ease through your birth chart) by Sajah Popham of Evolutionary Herbalism. I studied holistic approaches to Lyme Disease at the CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism. And I have Practitioner Skills training from Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes of Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine.


Most recently, I was an advanced apprentice of Brittany Nickerson, where I was trained in community herbalism and Ayurvedic healing modalities.


I continue to actively study with the CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism, Rosemary Gladstar, Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes, and to apprentice with Jade Alicandro Mace of Milk & Honey Herbs.

Danielle Vogel of with/in herbals

w i t h / i n

We are within a time of great stress and transformation. And to sustain the momentum, to do the careful work that must be done to heal and unite ourselves, it’s more important than ever to tend to our bodies, lands, and communities with intention.


with/in began inside a poem. It began inside a word. Inside the petal of a wild rose steeping in water. Its pink light traveling my throat, opening my body toward its natural resonance.


It begins again each time we remember we can all be healers with the help of time, plants, words, water, darkness, the very ground beneath our feet, and the sun's light.


Plants teach us how to embody and share this work. They help us remember that the thread of our breath, which touches our blood, weaves us into a living web with every creature on this earth. Plants teach us to lean into and trust the pace and mystery of this planet and our bodies, in relation. Their roots, grounded, individual, but interlaced. Their faces, open to the sky, hold messages of proliferation, pleasure, cycles of sustainability, repair, inheritance, symbiotic interdependence.

And while it might seem counterproductive in these revolutionary times to slow down and look inward to tend to that which sustains and brings us to life, this medicine of presence, of deep and total listening, is the exact medicine we need to sustain and restore our communities. Healing is activism. And this level of total, psychospiritual awareness activates structural transformations, making way for personal, social, and ancestral transmutation. 


Caring for the life within is integral to learning how to truly tend to—and take part in—this world.

.  . . 

When we no longer know if we can heal, looking to plants will always help us heal.

I’ve spent my whole life in conversation with plants and nearly a decade preparing the offerings of with/in.

I'm so glad you're here. 

The Apothecary

Each tincture, elixir, essence, oil and blend is the result of years of listening with plants. Before making any remedy, I spend 3 or more years witnessing a plant grow. During that time, I listen to their colors, folds, resonances, and cycles. And then, if I am invited, I will make a small amount of medicine.


All herbal medicines of with/in are made by hand and with intention in small seasonal batches in my home apothecary. Herbs are tinctured fresh from the garden, bought from local organic farms, or, on occasion, ethically wildcrafted from bioregionally abundant stands of plants with whom I’ve been in relation for many years.

Home is a place my partner and I lovingly call, The Barn. Built in 1799, The Barn stands on the ancestral lands of the Hammonassets and Wappinger people (southeastern Connecticut). It's a strikingly converted space with a glass roof that gifts us a view of the sky and wooded hillside the barn is built into. 


Out front is our small but lush medicinal garden crowded with herbs, vegetables, flowers, whelk and oyster shells. Mugwort, Multiflora rose, Black raspberry, Wild lettuce, Garlic Mustard and Greater celandine are some of the plants who live above us on the hillside.

The day we moved in, a purple violet was sprouting, in bloom, from the threshold of our front door. 

with_in herbals — Danielle Vogel (photo