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Work with Danielle

Intentions &
Frequently Asked Questions


As an herbalist + intuitive counselor, my intention is to guide you to engage in practices that assist you in maintaining vibrant health.


Only a physician can diagnose and prescribe medication. Herbalists do not perform this role. Any information shared here or in consultation is for educational purposes only. No statement, service, or product has been evaluated by the FDA.


Herbalism is thankfully an unregulated profession here in the states, which I believe is one of its many strengths! It is a collaborative and living art, a spiritual science as old as humans, upheld by reciprocity, accountability, and care. Herbalists and their communities/clients are constantly co-creating what it means to work within this ancient healing modality.

At the time of writing this, I have spent over a decade formally studying herbalism, flower essences, and preparing the offerings of with/in


And while I have extensive training (you can read about it in my bio on the About page), I will also always be an apprentice of the plants. I will always be actively learning from and studying with other practicing herbalists. In herbalism, lineage is everything, and I'm committed to transparency in regards to my training, herbal formulations, and consultation practices. 


Personal information gathered in the herbalist/client relationship will be held in strict confidence unless specifically allowed by the client.

Environmental Commitment: 

I deeply believe that individual health is inseparable from environmental health and I offer counsel that is guided by and upholds this Earth-centered awareness.

Toward that end, all herbal formulations in the apothecary are crafted by hand in small, seasonal batches and with reverence. All herbs and menstrums are ethically harvested and organically and sustainably grown.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is herbal medicine safe? What if I'm taking pharmaceutical medications?

Herbal medicine is very safe, especially when working with a trained herbalist.


Most herbs may be safely taken in conjunction with pharmaceuticals as long as they are formulated appropriately based on potential herb-drug interactions.


Many herbs do not negatively interact with pharmaceuticals at all. 

How do I know if herbal medicine and seeing an herbalist is right for me? 

Herbal medicine can help you maintain vibrant health or bring you back into balance. 

As an herbalist, I recognize the vital intelligence of your entire body. The herbs, lifestyle shifts, nutritional support, and rituals of care I offer will guide you toward resilience of body, mind, and spirit while empowering you to be your own healer. 

If you are in good health or longing to feel more balanced and empowered, seeing an herbalist is right for you. 

Who do you work with? And do you have a speciality?

I specialize in working with those with deeply rooted emotional and spiritual concerns, those living at the margins (queers, witches, artists, healers, etc.), and those looking to weave rituals of reconnection into their daily lives. 


I have experience with Lyme Disease, digestive discomfort, painful + irregular menstruation, menopause, seasonal allergies, migraines, deep exhaustion, disassociation, anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, insomnia, grief, inflammation, low immunity, colds, infections, the emotional and physical heart, and much more. 

I also specialize in holding space for artists working on creative projects and helping them find balance, intention, and nourishment in their artistic practice.

What is a flower essence?

You can read all about flower essences and taking them with intention in my plant letter, The Frequency of Flowers

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