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Artemisia Trinity Oil

A trinity of Artemisias—Mugwort, Sweet Annie, and Wormwood—for clearing energetic fields, visioning, relieving physical, emotional + spiritual pain, and walking between worlds.


This triad works together to gently warm and calm the body at all levels, clear stagnation, nourish the nervous system, and relieve pain of all kinds. Artemisia oil has the ability to seep deeply into the skin, muscle, and joints infusing our cells with relief, easing rheumatic and joint pain, menstrual cramps, inflamed nerves, anxiety, exhaustion, and tension.


The Artemisias gift lunar intelligence and replenishment. They are herbs of the moon, drawing our gaze into invisible worlds, retrieving ancient information hemmed into our DNA, all while sharpening our engagement with the visible world, and protecting us.


. . .


I first made this oil with a circle of women in the hills of so-called Western Massachusetts. We gathered the Mugwort, Sweet Annie, and Wormwood from the same field. Brought it back to our circle and took turns cutting the herbs into a large glass jar. As we cut, we talked joyfully about our relationships with the moon, but soon we fell into kind of activated silence. One that felt charged, illuminated, wise.


That night, I dreamt of the Mugwort growing in front of the barn. In my dream, it was night and the Mugwort was tall, much taller than me, and whipping in the wind. I stood beside it, started to sway, and lifted off the ground into the air. In a language outside of words, Mugwort told me that I needed to rewild my movements and what I thought my body capable of.


And so, I keep Artemisia oil close as a reminder of this. Anointing my writing space. My eyelids. My womb.


. . .


Here, I offer this deep, verdant green oil for your own visioning + relief.


Made of the whole plants and infused under the moon’s light.





* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Artemisia Trinity Oil

  • 1 ounce bottle, made in ceremony.


    Ingredients: Artemisia absinthium, annua + vulgaris, + organic evoo. Infused by moonlight.


    Anoint with Intention: 

    Taking the time and care to massage the body with oil will feed, heal, moisten and protect the skin, open channels of elimination, strengthen immunity, and restore vitality. But perhaps even more important is that the ritual of applying an herbal oil slows us down, brings us into time, tangibly, and helps us remember and attend to our own material forms. The result: a calmed nervous system, relief from stress and anxiety, and a self loved by the self, a ritual necessity we don’t always give ourselves permission to lean into. Our skin is the body's largest organ and all along its surface are receptors through which we read the world. When our skin is dry, our sensory experiences are likewise affected. We feel frazzled and unguarded. Nourished skin softens our experience of the world. 

    Before anointing, and as I shake the bottle, I always call the plant beings into my mind and heart to thank and further connect with the plants. 


    Ways to anoint with intention?

    Apply before writing, divining, visioning, holding ceremony, making art of all kinds. Anoint your pens, journals, divinatory tools, the frame of your bed and the threshold of your creative spaces. Squeeze a dropperful into a warm bath on the full moon and imagine your body as an antenna receiving information from the moon as you soak in the ritual water. Place your journal and a pen by your bedside, anoint your eyelids, the crown of your head, and the back of your neck. Say, I am listening, as you go to sleep, to engage in intentional dreaming.


    Why infuse in olive oil?

    Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and also acts as a preservative as it extracts and stores the medicinal properties of the infused flowers. It is healing in its own right, emollient, and absorbs creamily and easily into the skin. I find olive oil luxurious and I have memories of my grandfather coming in from the garden to glug the same deeply fragrant olive oil he used for cooking into his open and creased palms for relief. 


    Further Considerations:

    The Artemisias are not recommended for use during pregnancy, as they are gentle emmenagogues.


    How to store?

    Please keep out of direct sunlight. You can store your oil in a cool, dark place free of moisture. Use within 1 year.


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