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Calendula Oil

Begun with seeds hand-sown in spring, tended to through midsummer when the blooms are at their peak and carefully harvested, then gently dried and whipped into a luscious organic olive oil to be solar-infused for one moon cycle before being strained by hand and bottled.


The result: a deeply nourishing body oil infused with the color, energy, and magic of high summer, free of fragrance or essential oils to keep us as close to the flower’s medicine as possible. This creamy body oil smells like the warm core of flowers and will relieve stress while lifting the spirit. 


Massage this gorgeous amber oil into the body from head to toe to nourish the skin, gently warm the body, modulate inflammation, move lymph, release toxins, and prevent infection.


Calendula has an affinity for the skin, solar plexus, the lymphatic and immune systems, the liver and gallbladder, the digestive system, and the uterus.


What all of that means is that this warming oil will restore chapped or sensitive skin. Heal minor wounds and prevent scarring. Relieve breakouts of eczema, bites, burns and scratches. And should be used to massage the entire torso, nodes of the neck, underarms and breasts to activate the lymphatic system, enliven our immune systems, soothe the skin at all levels, and clear stagnation to let our life force glow.





* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Calendula Oil

  • 2 ounce bottle, made in ceremony.


    Ingredients: Calendula officinalis whole blossoms + Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 


    Apply with Intention: 

    Taking the time and care to massage the body with oil will feed, heal, moisten and protect the skin, open channels of elimination, strengthen immunity, and restore vitality. But perhaps even more important is that the ritual of applying an herbal oil slows us down, brings us into time, tangibly, and helps us remember and attend to our own material forms. The result: a calmed nervous system, relief from stress and anxiety, and a self, loved by the self, a ritual necessity we don’t always give ourselves permission to lean into. Our skin is the body's largest organ and all along its surface are receptors through which we read the world. When our skin is dry, our sensory experiences are likewise affected. We feel frazzled and unguarded. Nourished skin softens our experience of the world. You can apply this oil any time, and it is safe for all bodies (children, included), but consider massaging into the body after bathing while your skin is still damp and most receptive.


    Other ways to enjoy?

    Consider drizzling a dropperful over a salad, but never heat the oil, as this will damage the medicinal constituents.


    Why infuse in olive oil?

    Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and also acts as a preservative as it extracts and stores the medicinal properties of the infused flowers. It is healing in its own right, emollient, and absorbs creamily and easily into the skin. I find olive oil luxurious and I have memories of my grandfather coming in from the garden to glug the same deeply fragrant olive oil he used for cooking into his open and creased palms for relief. 


    How to store?

    Please keep out of direct sunlight. You can store your oil in a cool, dark place free of moisture. Use within 1 year.


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