Motherwort offers a maternal calmness: gentle, but fierce, grounding and nourishing.


Motherwort’s Latin name, Leonurus cardiaca, means "lion hearted’’ inspired by its calming and regulating effect on the heart. A balm for nervous anxiety in the chest that grips around the heart or prevents you from taking a deep breath. Motherwort balances mind and emotion and helps to ease aggravation.


This pink flowering herb is especially beloved by those with a uterus, as it gently strengthens the reproductive system, soothes menstrual and menopausal stress, supports healthy cardiovascular function and eases stress due to overwork.


Motherwort has a long history of use around ovulation pain, menstrual headaches, mood imbalances, and menstrual irritability.


With its bitter and cooling actions, Motherwort also makes a powerful ally during perimenopause. Helping to decrease hot flashes, dispel anger and irritability, ease headaches, and stimulate the liver to filter hormones.



Motherwort, as a tonic herb, should be taken daily for 3 or more months to revitalize the body.



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Motherwort Tincture

  • 2 ounce bottle, made in ceremon