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Begin, again

Happy Eostre / day of the Celtic moon goddess of spring.

The Moon-hare, Eostre’s sacred animal, was said to lay eggs in honor of the goddess - - a reminder of her fertility, of her and the land’s beginning again.

Eggs were buried in fields and gardens, given as gifts, planted with one’s dead in graveyards - - charms toward new beginnings.

. . .

Today, I paint a single egg the color of menstrual blood and geraniums. I write a poem of protection, proliferation, balance and healing across the curve of the shell. I bury it beneath the tangle of wild Rose.

. . .

I sip an infusion of fresh Violet leaves to spur the thaw of this year’s grief held in my breasts and womb.

I nourish the roots of me--through the gift of Burdock and Dandelion--and move what no longer serves.

Today, I invite you to plant a spell in your garden. Write a prayer for the slow ritual of healing. The moving of this year's grief. Collective integrity, gentle intention.

Or maybe you will boil a single egg. Paint a spell of thanks, protection, and fertility across its shell. Allow it to infuse. And then ingest—embody—your magic.

Toward beginning, again —

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