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My Lungs are the Lungs of the Forest: a prayer

After voting this morning, I spent the day in prayer with Usnea.

Lichens are a symbiotic relationship made manifest. Part alga, part fungus. Two organisms—when united—create a new organism.

Single, somehow, stable. Only when together.

Usnea also serves as the literal lungs of a forest they grow within — supporting the overall health of the ecosystem by cleaning the air of toxins. Sustaining life beyond their own.

Lichen as Elder.

As teacher and guide toward reciprocity + new forms of care.

True and balanced symbiosis.

To be with the presence of such ancient ones.

As we move through the healing crisis of this country. May an “us” emerge. May we learn to listen. May we learn to sustain the lives of others with our own. May we learn to live in honor of deep time, in reciprocity.


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