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The Frequency of Flowers

Learning from Flowers —

As a child, I felt a grief in me that was too large to be only my own.

By three-years-old, I realized I could absorb the feelings of others. I recognized this outside of language, of course; it was, instead, a feeling of light, of concave patterns of energy moving from others into me.

I would stand close to my mother and absorb her anger, her loneliness, her worry, and I would replace it with a calmer light.

There wasn’t enough physical space for everything I was taking on and soon these energies calcified at the bottom of me. The bowl of my hips, all of the organs there, carrying the weight and numbness of this sedimentation.

I began to get sick all the time. Aches in my womb, intestines and stomach radiating up into my heart. I thought, to feel better, I needed to protect my heart, which was the door through which I loved, sensed, absorbed and radiated energies. Soon my heart, too, began to calcify, but this time, like the hardened spiral curve of a nautilus shell to shelter the soft, sensing matter within.

In my childhood backyard, in the shadow of a giant fir tree, lived a huge and swaying patch of Bleeding Heart. I would crouch carefully among the curving branches, the hand-like leaves reassuring my skin, and I would look into the pink iridescence of the flowers to find and sip the morning dew gathered in the fringe of the upturned blooms.

This is how I learned about flower essences.

Being with Bleeding Heart in these ways softened, cooled, and untangled the griefs I held. While in those branches, sipping the dew offered by the flowers, my body learned, through the resonance of Bleeding Heart, to clear the grief and open a conduit of communication between my heart, stomach, womb, and the earth.

I did this every spring.

If you reach back into your childhood, you too might have this kind of memory. Maybe a tangle of Honeysuckle, the shaggy face of Dandelion or Marigold, the shocking bloom and berry of Purple Nightshade, or the branch of a Beech tree reached out to offer friendship, magic, gentle reattunements, or wisdom.

. . .

What is a Flower Essence?

Flower essences are the frequency of a plant-being at its most alive moment: in bloom.

When flower essences are made, a plant's unique resonance is alchemically imprinted in water and traditionally preserved in brandy. When we come into contact with this resonance—for example, by ingesting with intention—the essence works to reattune the water within our own bodies, catalyzing profound energetic + emotional transformation.

This occurs through a syncing of resonance — our bodies shift frequencies to meet the frequency of the flowers. And, over time, this process of entrainment is how healing occurs, allowing us to slowly repattern emotional, cognitive, and spiritual misalignments. 

This medicine is vibrational, gentle, subtle, and profound. 

. . .

Flower essences are particularly powerful when working with chronic emotional patterns and looping cycles of feeling.

Flower essences reattune:

~ Emotional patterns and thought patterns that are negative, limiting, and looping.

~ Trauma, chronic fears, anxiety, grief, shock, disassociation, and the feeling of being stuck.

~ Ancestral wounds hemmed into your DNA and spirit matter.

~ Your connection with your intuition or individual life path.

. . .

Living Intentionally with Flower Essences —