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Coven of 3 Essences

Coven of 3: Essences —


Choose any three of with/in's flower essences — not tinctures or oils — and list them in the notes at checkout. 


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Across with/in's years, I've noticed most people purchase my essences in a cluster of 3. 


The number 3 has long been considered a number of wisdom, harmony, and understanding.


Coven of 3 is my gift to those of you who would like to work with a triad of self-selected essences. You save $6 by ordering this way.









* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Coven of 3 Essences

  • Three .5 fluid ounce dose bottles chosen by you, made in ceremony.


    Take with Intention: 1-4 drops, 3x daily, on the tongue.


    How to Take with Intention?

    Begin by being present with yourself as you shake the bottle to activate the essence. Sometimes I like to hold an intention or feeling in my heart as I imagine and thank the flower I am about to ingest. And then, put the drops upon or under the tongue. This can all happen in a few seconds time. After ingesting the essence, gift yourself a moment of quiet receptivity.


    Other ways to enjoy?

    Drops of essence can be added to a glass of water, pulse points, acupuncture points, and even to a bath to charge the water with the essence’s healing frequency. They can also be used to anoint landscapes, spaces, and objects. 


    How to store?

    Please keep out of direct sunlight. 


    What is a flower essence?

    To read about essences, visit The Frequency of Flowers.



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