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Borage Flower Essence

Borage, when heavy with grief, I find buoyancy, joy, and direction —


For heart-courage, optimism, and playfulness in the face of profound heartbreak and sorrow. Borage helps us honor and integrate the weight of deep loss not by numbing the spirit, but by allowing the spirit to recognize and integrate emotions that may initially seem too intense. We find our way forward enlivened by this recognition and integration. 



Truly an essence for these times of ongoing humanity and climate crisis. 



.  .  .


Made in Sicily in the Madonie Mountains. 





* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Borage Flower Essence

  • .5 fluid ounce dose bottle, made in ceremony.


    Ingredients: infusion of Borago officinalis spectabilis blossoms, brandy, + filtered water.


    Take with Intention: 1-4 drops, 3x daily, under the tongue.


    How to Take with Intention?

    Begin by being present with yourself as you shake the bottle to activate the essence. Sometimes I like to hold an intention or feeling in my heart as I imagine and thank the flower I am about to ingest. And then, put the drops upon or under the tongue. This can all happen in a few seconds time. After ingesting the essence, gift yourself a moment of quiet receptivity.


    Other ways to enjoy?

    Drops of essence can be added to a glass of water, pulse points, acupuncture points, and even to a bath to charge the water with the essence’s healing frequency. They can also be used to anoint landscapes, spaces, and objects. 


    How to store?

    Please keep out of direct sunlight. 


    What is a flower essence?

    To read about essences, visit The Frequency of Flowers.



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