Celandine Flower Essence

Celandine & Clarity of Expression  —


Greater Celandine is a plant of empowerment. Its essence heals wounds of autonomy, mends our energetic boundaries, and collects the self.


Celandine essence is for those who feel that something waits within them, poised to be received and expressed. For those who feel blocked, scattered, or unsure when speaking and engaging with others. For those who seek enhanced sensitivity and a willingness to articulate their truth and have it understood. For those who hold space for others, and, as a result, feel depleted and scattered. For those who clench their jaw or find they are often repressing speech. For those who don’t trust or can’t access their deepest knowings.

I made this essence thinking of all the teachers, students, witches, healers, and mothers I know. Celandine will help you collect and replenish yourself while sparking the confident reception and transmission of in