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of Light elixir

of Light elixir, for healing ancestral lines—


A blend of 7 potent flower and gem essences infused into a wild sea rose elixir base, of Light sparks epigenetic recalibration, soothes and transmutes grief, calls in one’s guides, helps us ground, infuses us with empowerment and inspired artistry, and attunes us to the heart's compass.


Made in communion with my memoir, A Library of Light, of Light is a poem in a bottle and can be a beautiful support for a reader of the memoir moving through their own healing journey—or—for those looking to invite a deep shift in epigenetic resonance. I imagine it also as a companion for those working to mend deeply embedded ancestral wounds, for those tending ancestral altars, or even for those composing art that attends to their own ancestral lines.


Braiding my devotional work with plants and poetry, I worked with over 100 essences across the 11 years of writing A Library of Light. Eventually, 8 plants and minerals came forward to compose of Light, the elixir version of my written collection: essences of Greater Celandine, Angelica, Bleeding Heart, Iris, Crab Apple, Rose Quartz, and Black Tourmaline are all synergized in a Wild Sea Rose Elixir base.


A little about each plant & mineral:


Greater Celandines essence works within our epigenetic field to unscramble and transmute wounds hemmed into the DNA and spirit matter. These yellow blossoms transform the body into an antenna of clear reception and transmission helping us embody and articulate our greatest truths without fear.


Angelica’s essence streams profound tenderness, protection, and support through the body. And gifts us grounded, safe, open access to our guardian ancestors, star beings, and elemental spirits.


Bleeding Heart helps us honor our grief as a necessary and evolutionary tool. Its essence works to infuse the body with unconditional love, disentangle us from unhealthy relationships and co-dependencies, all while moving grief out of the heart-body and infusing the heart with comfort, clarity, and profound inner compassion.


Iris offers radiance of vision, inspired artistry, and a clearer, more resonant expression of our truest selves.


Crab Apple blossom supports cell-level healing and brings us to the central star of the self. This essence helps us heal epigenetic memories woven through our DNA, emotional trauma, abuse, and shame. Crab Apple connects our heart space to the heart of Earth, filters toxic energies and habits, and infuses us with buoyancy.


Rose quartz is a stone of intimacy. Its essence opens, softens, and soothes the heart. This mineral essence is a harmonizer and especially helpful in clearing pain held in the heart from traumatic events. It also acts as a balm for those whose inner child may not have been safe or nurtured as a child.


Black Tourmaline’s essence works deeply in the physical body to improve grounding, circulation, and strength as it balances the relationship between the upper and lower fields of our form. Its essence also helps us exchange toxic energies held in the body for restorative energies as it stimulates the organized release of old habits and patterns.


All of these essences are then blended into in my Wild Rose elixir base. Wild Rose elixir is peace and protection in a bottle. As soon as I take it, my heart softens, relaxes, and begins to glow. My senses are also softened but in a way that presences me. Rose petals work to cool heat in the blood, support and soothe the cardiovascular and digestive systems, ease inflammation, and tone the blood vessels, all while also easing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and the nervous system. Rose brings anxiety down from the brain and up from the gut into the heart to be recalibrated into what I like to think of as, Heart Coherence. Helping us to think with the brain that is our hearts. Rose helps us see beyond linearity, and, over time, to discern through the heart’s intelligence. To bloom, protected by our own radiance.


. . .



The radiance of these 8 plants and minerals supported my own writing, grieving, and transformation while writing A Library of Light and are woven through the composition of the book. After the book's publication, a flood of profound letters began to arrive from readers. So many of us are moving through extreme grief and loss in our lives or are working to mend the lineages we've inherited. Reading these letters, I felt called to offer this luminous formula here as support, spark, and balm.



May the ceremony of each hold you.


Love, Danielle




* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. Before using any herbs, check for appropriate dosage, drug interactions, and contraindications. Please consult your primary care physician regarding your specific health concerns.


*of Light, the title, is also a kind of heart's sonar call to the experimental opera of the same name, written and directed by the brilliant Samantha Shay and her Source Material Collective.

of Light elixir

bottled & shipped in late July
  • 1 ounce bottle, made in ceremony.


    Ingredients: Essences of Greater Celandine, Angelica, Bleeding Heart, Iris, Crab Apple, Rose quartz, + Black tourmaline in a Wild Rose elixir base.


    *All essences are preserved in a tincture of wild rosa rugosa petals infused in organic gf vodka and gently sweetened with a local raw honey also infused with rosa rugosa petals. 


    Take with Intention: 
     1-7 drops, 3 x daily 
    or as needed.


    Other ways to enjoy?

    Consider dosing as a heart companion while reading A Library of Light. When inviting in profound ancestral healing into your own lineage (suggested dose 1-7 drops, 3x a day for at least 90 days). When working creatively on projects that tend your ancestral lines. Or when tending an ancestor altar. 


    How to store?

    Please keep out of direct sunlight. You can store your elixir in a cool, dark place and consume within 1-2 years.

    What is a flower essence?

    To read about essences, visit The Frequency of Flowers.

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