Pink Yarrow Flower Essence

Pink Yarrow, the Boundary Keeper  —


Pink Yarrow is a boundary keeper, guardian of thresholds, healer, and protector plant of the heart.


Pink Yarrow’s essence mends and strengthens the overall integrity of our energetic field, bolsters heart consciousness, empowers us to be the source of our own protection, and to meet our own needs before offering ourselves to the world.


When I work with clients, I often lead them in what I call Heart Coherence and Boundary work. When thinking about casting a protective boundary around the body, people often imagine the edge of their own skins hardened into a kind of psychic armor. Pink Yarrow helps us understand how depleting that hardening of the self actually is and teaches us, instead, to have a strong and sensing boundary that glows from the heart around our entire form. As if we are encased in a kind of living light or intelligent atmosphere.


This type of boundary work—when our energetic fields are alive and glowing sensory systems emitted from our heart’s knowing center—reenergizes us while empowering and protecting us. Gifting us the space and clarity to mend our psychic spaces, as well.


Pink Yarrow helps us in