Queen Anne's Lace Essence

Queen Anne's Lace & Second Sight —


Queen Anne’s Lace essence is for those who wish to strengthen their intuitive cores, spark cosmic or psychic sight at their third eye, lift the veil between worlds, all while remaining grounded and embodied. Queen Anne gifts us the ability to unite and integrate the body’s material intelligence with soul or spirit consciousness.


Growing up to five feet tall, Queen Anne’s Lace, with its deep root system and lacy inflorescence (which is composed of many tiny white or light pink flowers) blooms, to reveal at its center, a single dark purple flower, which opens, like an eye, toward the universe.


Queen Anne’s deep taproot and its glowing umbel with purple, central “eye” work to ground the human body while casting a wider net of consciousness into the etheric realms.


Many of us have been trained to not trust our body’s material intelligence, to dismiss our intuitive knowing, and to ignore spirit speaking through us in favor of logic or an intelligence outside ourselves. Queen Anne refines and integrates the material + extrasensory spheres, while helping us reclaim our dispersed energies, and reweave these ways of knowing so they may be channeled through the body.


Queen Anne is perfect for activating extrasensory sight. Intuitives who have reached a spiritual crisis and need guidance to see the next steps. Those who seek harmonious integration of soul consciousness