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Heart Coherence

I've spent the summer writing with Bleeding Heart, Wild Rose, and Pink Yarrow.

I've been moving through debilitating grief and they've been guarding the gates. It was a shock to feel the grieving crisis arrive sometime in early June. Whatever coping mechanisms I had put in place to survive the academic year and hold a strong container for my students trying to get by under extreme pandemic and political stress just dissolved, blossoming into exhaustion and sadness.

I leaned into the care and intelligence of these plants. Plants who bolster heart consciousness. Who repair the auric field. Who empower us to be the source of our own protection. Who reorient us to meet our own needs before offering ourselves to the world. Who help us understand that grieving is a necessary and evolutionary tool.

I read the Rose-light as it infused. Traced the transfiguration of grief in my body guided by Bleeding Heart. And trusted the sensing borders I began to feel again as a gift of learning with Yarrow.

And this morning, as I began to feel summer bending ever so slightly toward fall, I bottled up their medicine for you ~

Pink Yarrow essence, the boundary keeper, healer, and protector plant of the heart.

Bleeding Heart essence, the heart mender, for those broken open with grief.

and Wild Rose elixir, the very first plant medicine I offered, replenished by this year's Roses. Imagine: drinking rose-light by the ocean. Imagine: your own heart protected, but open fully, guiding you. Imagine: an elixir to inspire compassion and love for oneself and others. Imagine: a formula that tones, nourishes, eases, and illuminates the physical, emotional, + spiritual heart at once.

May they guide, strengthen, and support you in these times.


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